Educational Playscapes

KDA Playscapes

We found an interesting article while looking for inspiration on Pinterest about designing learning spaces more like playgrounds.  We love this idea for breakaway spaces to engage creativity and expression, plus getting out some energy never hurt!  Take a peek at some other playscpes on ArchDaily’s website.

Sky High Airport Graphics

LAX Airport GraphicsKDA LAX Welcome

The new Tom Bradley International Terminal has officially opened at LAX and we’re excited to check out the new $40m architecturally integrated digital displays called Integrated Environmental Media System.  The 7 displays are featured along key areas to arriving and departing passengers, with each having a theme.  Click here to check out some awesome pictures of the new graphics.



Pop of Color

Pop of Color


It’s amazing how a pop of color can make a prefab kindergarten building come to life. Not only does this wooden facade add some color to a drab building, it also provides shade for the classrooms and a play element along three exterior walls. Click here to learn more about this neat school in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The need for design of early childhood education facilities is on the rise in WA

What makes an engaging AND functional early learning center?  Check out the article “Design for early childhood education: What works?” by Michael McGavock to see what Washington State has been exploring.

Mid-Century Modern Colors Revisited

Check out Sherwin William’s collection ‘Suburban Modern Preservation Palette‘ – Lots of fun 1950’s colors that can be adapted for modern applications.

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